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Select Network has grown steadily since its creation...

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Select Network, National advertising representation for weeklies & web


Weekly Readership: 6.9 million readers and 4.4 million copies

Weekly Newspapers’ Network: More than 148 publiciations

Unique Visitors:  Now 1.3 million unique visitors on the web each month

Internet Network: 100 websites targeting 20 regions

Page Views: More than 5.7 million monthly

In brief

  • More titles in Ontario!

    As of May 28th, three publications are added to our list of weeklies outside of Quebec, serving the Ontario province.

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  • Valleyfield Express

    Réseau Sélect now represents a new weekly in Valleyfield.

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  • Info Dimanche:a weekly that stands out!

    For nearly 20 years, the newspaper Info Dimanche has covered local events and promotes local business in the region of the Bas St-Laurent.

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